Silence – stilte

Thought I’d left this blogging sphere? Well, it nearly felt like it I must admit.

My ‘poor’ excuse:  too much going on recently to find the time to blog, likeVisiting the Netherlands:

Visiting my family in the Netherlands. And yes, the ice skating fever gripping the country was marvellous.

Attending the regional Baha’i conference in London: exciting, inspiring, mind blowing, encouraging, awesome…


Getting the keys for my house in the village nearby – yes, I’m homefront pioneering and looking forward to it immensely. Just the minor issue left of selling this house…….but I’m sure Baha’u’llah is on my side and I’m pretty good with patience (hope my bank account is as well…).

My diary is filling up nicely with some trips to the West Yorkshire cluster (helping them to get ready for their Intensive Programme of Growth) and Oxfordshire (BASED-UK and BREA meetings), and hopefully the USA in May.

Anyway, I’ve just added all the UN Days to my diary, so I remember to blog about them. Did you know that there are many more of these Days in the 2nd half of the year than in the first 6 months?

And no, I don’t do new year resolutions, but I intend to blog more regularly in 2009. And just in case anything starts going pear-shape, I just have to remind myself of this (one of my favourite quotes from the Baha’i Writings):

Put your trust in God and commit your affairs to His keeping.


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