NGO trainng

It only sunk it yesterday (Sunday) when walking in front of the UN building, I’m back! The day before I somehow had not registered where I was, but yesterday I did. Of course helped by getting that official blue UN badge that gives you access! It was nice to meet other key NGO people in the registration queue and quickly re-established contact and reminded ourselves of names & organisations.

After getting taht badge, it was time for a quick lunch at the BIC offices and then straight into 4 hours of background info &  training for Major Groups (organised by the NGO Major Group and hosted by BIC). I’d missed this training session last year, so it was really useful. Besides I’m getting the distinct feeling that you, my readers, will get another crash course soon because everybody says that a Policy year is completely different from a Review year. Well, I’ll find out today I guess. There are definitely fewer opportunities for Major Groups to make statements, we’ve got 1 minute this afternoon!

I’ll see if my planning for today holds up, it rarely does, this is CSD with priorities changing all the time. I’ll get some breakfast and then throw myself into the Manhattan commute.


4 Responses

  1. wat leuk! veel plezier in NYC. Ik probeer eidelijk mijn phd af te werken, anders kwam ik je lekker opzoeken daar.

    • Success met schrijven! Het is hier weer erg leuk en natuurlijk razend druk. Na dit lekker op vakantie naar mijn broer in Washington DC en een vriend in Raleigh.

  2. Ineke – go go go! -;)

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