3rd Day CSD-17

I started my 3rd day at the UN by saying some prayers in their beautiful meditation room. A lovely spot to reflect. I then spent some time looking at a photo exhibition on the genocide in Rwanda. There is another exhibition on the issue of mines in the entrance area. I’ll need more time for this because the photos & stories from Rwanda are very beautiful and extremely disturbing at the same time, and I wanted to avoid getting myself into a negative mindset about human behaviour. So, I’ll spent a bit of time every day to look at part of it and reflect.

Following the usual morning routine (attending briefings of NGO and Women Major Groups) and then to hall 4 to occupy the chair of the Women Major Group. This hall has working group 1 which deals with agriculture, rural development, and interlinkages & crosscutting issues.   I know, I know, we’d say that everything is interlinked and related. Unfortunately countries/UN/delegates don’t see it like that, so you’ll find dichotomies left, right and centre. Such a contrast to the Baha’i way of looking at these issues and our understanding of coherence!

The BIC hosted another lunch time event, showing a film about the murder in February 2005 of Dorothy Stang (an American nun and land rights activist) in Para State, Brazil.  A very moving film about this murder and the ‘justice’ system in Brazil.

We spent the rest of the afternoon consulting on our BIC talking points and are getting to a final version. Hopefully we’ll finish these today (Thursday). It was good to remind myself which is the most important ‘hat’ that I’m wearing while here  and it isn’t a Women’s hat (engaging with this group is just a tool).

Going to the report from the CSD chair and then the NGO strategy meeting with Duncan finished the day.


4 Responses

  1. What a great blog, I’m so glad I found it! I am absolutely fascinated by the Baha’i Community’s involvment in the United Nations, and I am so glad to see your posts. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Glad you like it! Just curious, did you find it via Barney’s blog? Let me know if you’ve any questions.

      • Yes, from Barney’s blog! Thank you… I”ll be following with interest! (I check the bic website every so often, I’ve been so impressed with the climate change statement and the poverty statement)

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