8th Day CSD-17

Change of routine since I was meeting at 9 AM with 2 youth & Meena to discuss draft statement for the Stakeholder Dialogue. We had some good comments back, so our text definitely improved and the power of expression (don’t we know that phrase?) became very clear. Then on to the Women’s Major Group briefing and it was nice to see Jeanette again. Jeanette is director of WOCAN (one of the organising groups).

Time for a quick coffee with 3 other Baha’is and then a search to find the Indigenous People MG to help draft their Stakeholder dialogue statement on secure land & water rights. Bit of a challenging meeting because we got side-tracked all the time and I wasn’t entirely sure that the notes taken actually reflected the discussion. Anyway, I (gracefully, I hope) left them after 2 hours because I needed to write my minutes of that morning and get onto my email (I hadn’t managed that for some technical reason). Went to my our sanctuary (BIC offices) and got ‘watered’ (with coffee) and fed (thanks Taraneh!).

We had a lovely BIC briefing in which we reflected on what we had learned and achieved so far. It was just great to hear what we all picked up, although I still laugh about the ‘city farms’ exaggeration.

CSD-17 delegation

CSD-17 delegation

I was planning to go back to the main session since I hadn’t been in there at all, but ended up in a discussion with Tahirih, Duncan and Peter about the collaboration between BIC and the International Environment Forum (IEF), especially with regard to next year’s CSD topics (transport, chemicals, waste management, and sustainable production & consumption). I got back to the hostel just after 9 PM (early!).


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