10th Day CSD-17

The next 3 days are the official Ministerial part of CSD. What does that mean? Well, lots of things. First of all many Ministers and State Secretaries are now here, so there is a high level of extra security (my badge has already been checked more times in detail than the whole of last week). There are now many impressive looking people (it looks as if everybody is dressed just slightly neater than the day before), and of course all the flags are raised.

Flags in front of UN building

Flags in front of UN building

Raising all these flags takes a team of 6 people 20-25 minutes! They start on the side where the BIC offices are and then work their way to the front entrance of the UN.

The Women’s group briefing clashed with the official opening at 10 AM in the General Assembly Hall. So, the small select group of women present at the briefing used the time to brainstorm about the statement to be used during a round table meeting with Ministers on Thursday. The theme of this round table is integrated land and water management. Three of us then wrote our points into a story and circulated it for comments.  I then listenend at the public gallery to the last 45 minutes of the opening meeting.

General Assembly Hall at the UN in New York

General Assembly Hall at the UN in New York

Lunch was a quick stroll over the farmers maket nearby, partially organised by the Youth Major Group. Very funny to see how normal I find these markets and how special they are for others.

I then went to the BIC offices to record a video for use on their YouTube channel. We then had a quick BIC briefing and started to talk about attending the climate meeting in Copenhagen in December. The BIC has been asked, inofficial still, by the Women’s Major Group to provide logistical support during the next CSD-cycle. If the Women’s Major Group makes this a formal request and the CSD Bureau approves it, I’ll be involved and will have the perfect excuse to come back.

Oh, and those negotiations? They are still ongoing, rumours are that they’ll last until Saturday, and last night working group 1 stopped at 2.30 AM!


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