11th Day CSD-17

Round table day; the morning one on a Green revolution for Africa and the afternoon one on integrated land & water management. After the usual 2 briefings I went to negotiations in room 6. In this room you sit literally behind the negotiators, so you could hear all the informal (‘off the mic’) taking place. It really is like bartering on a market. I heard the negotiator from G77 say to a collegue that he, personally, agreed with a certain point but that this wasn’t the opinion of the G77 so he had to object to it. The female chair was just amazing, she kept everybody moving along, at an incredibly slow pace though!

At lunch time I went to the BIC offices where Kiara was performing her play Theater of Survival. This time all the technology cooperated and it was great. Check out the BIC YouTube channel if you want to see it.

I then went to the round table on land & water management and heard Willem-Alexander, our Crown Prince, speak on the importance of water & sanitation for agricultural and rural evelopment. It was a good speech. The prince is the chair of the Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation.

The best speaket at this round table was the Minister of Iraq. He spoke from the heart, without notes, commenting on what had been said earlier by others. It was a lovely break from all the read statements.

Tomorrow is the last day and it’s still completely unsure if this CSD will end in an agreed final statement.


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