An update of my activities seems long overdue. So, what’s kept me busy the last few weeks? First of all a very successful (1st ever in England) residential cluster school near Durham over the August Bank holiday weekend. I still need to pull together a final report, but that’ll happen soon.

Last week, with a UN nomination deadline looming, I managed to sort out nominations for 4 women to attend different Regional Implementation Meetings (RIMs). These women will get their trips funded by the UN. RIMs are preparation meetings for next year’s 18th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development. The nominations have come via the 3 Organising Parties for the Women’s Caucus. The Baha’i International Community (BIC) proposed a Baha’i from Brazil, Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) proposed women from Russia and Indonesia (both winners of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize), and Voices of African Mothers (VAM) proposed someone from Ghana. Unfortunately we’ve been unable, so far, to find a suitable candidate from the Western Asia region.

The next thing on the list writing a guideline on the structure of the discussion paper needed by the end of November. Hopefully with this guideline, we can split the topics (chemicals, hazardous waste management, transport, mining, and the 10-year review on sustainable consumption & production) between BIC, WECF and VAM. Each topic needs to be covered in 1600 words which isn’t a lot!


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