UN Geneva – day 1

Been in Geneva already for 3 days – I arrived on Saturday so I could be the tourist on Sunday. I’m amazed how small Geneva is, but its location is beautiful.

Yesterday was my 1st day at the UN for a preparatory meeting to decide the position/priorities of the UNECE region regarding the 10 Year Review of Sustainable Consumption & Production (also know as the Marrakech process). Lots of words and me thinking ‘this process has been going on for the last 8  years and this is it? Where are the concrete actions?’ Anyway, the meeting definitely helped me to make more sense of the editing required of the discussion paper of the Women Major Group.

I met up with some people I knew from CSD and that was just great. It makes such a difference if you already know some faces.

In the evening we (Major Group reps) met the EU Presidency including Sweden (current chair) and Spain (incoming chair). They had brought their experts on waste, chemicals, mining, and the Marrakech process. Very open question & answer session – it’s nice if you get the feeling that your questions are taken seriously.

I’m aware that Geneva is where the League of Nations began and still walk around in wonderment and awe in the UN compound.

Today I’ll finally meet my German colleague Alexandra from WECF and I’m looking forward to that.


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