To fly or not to fly ? Getting ready for CSD-18

It’s one week before my flight to New York to attend the 18th session of the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-18) on behalf of the UK’s Baha’i community. I’ll be a member of the 16-people strong delegation of the Baha’i International Community (BIC) and am really looking forward to seeing some of my fellow Baha’i friends back whom I met last year.

That is, of course, assuming that a certain Icelandic volcano behaves and no one panics (that includes me). Normally I wouldn’t mind too much risking being stuck in New York for a few more days (finally getting the change to be the tourist then!), but this time I’d rather be back in the UK so I can be at  my own wedding in May. So, I need some courage over the next week to decide what to do.

This year’s CSD-18 themes are Chemicals, Mining, Waste management, and Transport, as well as a review of the so-called Marrakech process (dealing with patterns of sustainable production and consumption). This year BIC also acts as one of the Organising Partners (OPs) for 2 of the Major Groups: Women and Children & Youth. I’m the BIC’s coordinator for the Women Major Group (WMG) and have been participating in the monthly prepatory conference calls with the UN Secretariat. The last one is scheduled for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I need to start thinking about what to pack, have ordered a SIM card which works in the US, and decide how I’m going to meet up with my younger brother for a weekend of being the NY tourist. I hope/plan to blog every day about CSD, as I did last year, because I enjoyed that early morning reflection on previous day events/developments. So, please bear with me and spare a few prayers/positive thoughts for me while I make up my mind and gather courage 🙂


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