Day 2 at CSD-18

No security queues to speak off this morning, so an early arrival meant some time to chill out before the NGO briefing at 9am. This was followed by the Women’s briefing at 10am at which we had 30 women attending. That was really good and, as usual, I spent half the time reminding them that they needed to keep circulating the name list. Without your name on this list, you won’t get communications from us. Tomorrow I’ll ask one of the Baha’i youth to be the ‘list chaser’. I was utterly exhausted after chairing that group for an hour – women are hard work!

I then went to a partnership event of PERL since one of the Baha’i delegates (Victoria) works for PERL. The info below is from their website

PERL’s mission is twofold:

1. To educate individuals to recognise their power as citizens and to make more responsible daily and lifestyle choices

2. To influence governments, businesses and schools to make better lifestyle choices both available and attractive, and to educate individuals.

To fulfil our mission PERL:

  • develops and promotes policy changes
  • develops curricula
  • gives visibility to those creating innovative, better lifestyles
  • develops teaching methods and materials
  • supports projects in developing countries
  • researches product and consumer trends, social responsibility, information management and social innovation.

PERL works to assist people around the world who are trying to change from being uncritical consumers to becoming more conscious and active citizens.

In the afternoon I went to the main sessions, using my ‘magic’ yellow secondary pass to gain access. Loads of seats were still empty though, so with a bit of luck we might see the end of the secondary pass system tomorrow. It’ll be reinstated for sure next week when all the Ministers arrive. very few Major Groups were able to present their statements on Chemicals and Transport, so hopefully we’ll be given this opportunity in tomorrow’s sessions.

My day ended with the BIC briefing at 5pm (we studied the BIC sttaement in a bit more depth), picking up secondary passes for Wednesday, and going out for a meal with Alexandra and her colleagues (the IPEN lot – they even managed not to talk about chemicals all the time…).


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