Day 5 at CSD-18

Friday saw the appearance of Lesha (my ‘mentor’) at the briefing of the Women’s Major Group and was it useful! She pointed out we should pay attention when the USA and Germany spoke (the latter had just seen its main negotiator arriving), as well as any country belonging to a politcal group. E.g. the Netherlands speaking after the EU has spoken, probably indicates that they have a different or additional viewpoint to that of the EU.

Our statement was read by Simin (a Baha’i youth) because we were still having our own briefing, so I had asked Melody (another Baha’i youth) to take our seat. They did well and I was very grateful. Keeping our Women’s seats occupied is a real challenge if there are so few (interested) women around!

In the Interlinkages session in the afternoon, Norway made a strong intervention in support of women. They said:

Second, the gender dimension runs through all the themes of CSD 18.

Changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption will not be possible without the empowerment and active participation of women.

Unsustainable management of chemicals, waste and mining all have negative impacts on the health and welfare of women and children. Women’s rights and opportunities must be safeguarded, and they should be empowered to play a more significant role in management and decision-making processes governing these sectors.

The Norwegian experience shows that active government intervention – through laws and regulations as well as financial incentives – is required to make this happen.

Well said and thank you, Norway!

I spent the evening with Duncan, Taraneh and her husband in ‘the village’ area. It has no village-feel to me at all, but, hey, this is New York and this part used to be a village. I also learned that there is Soho and Noho (meaning south of huston (?) and north of huston).


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  1. Hi Ineke! Just discovered your blog. Very interesting and informative. Fun too just like you.
    Nice meeting you always.

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