Day 10 at CSD-18

Last-minute editing of the statement for the Ministerial Roundtable, during the NGO briefing at 9-10am, was a slightly stressful way of starting the day. And statement writing today did cause me stress. At one point I was involved in sorting out 2 statements at the same time – that doesn’t work! Unfortunately the joint statement with trade unions about chemicals and waste management wasn’t read in the afternoon roundtable (no time or poor chairing, depending on how you view this!). However, Wanda did give her statement on transport, so that was a bonus (we weren’t expecting that).

I spent a lot of time, with 2 others, in the afternoon writing the 2 minute statement for Friday morning (‘the Way forward’). I wasn’t entirely happpy with it, but ah well, “it’ll do”. I then decided to stay around for the 6pm strategy meeting of the NGOs (only the 2nd time this CSD). Chantal Line (from the CSD Bureau) popped in to say that only 2-4 Major Groups would get speaking time and that joining forces was a good idea. So, I read our statement out to the NGO group, they made a few suggestions, we added 3 more sentences and edited a few words and that was it. Joint statemement from NGOs and Women and I felt much better about it as well. Funny.

Oh yes, I promised you poetry. I absolutely love the 2nd poem Kiara did at the BIC’s side event on Monday. It is inspired by the Fire Tablet (a prayer written by Baha’u’llah) and the BIC’s statement for CSD-18. So, here is the text:

And so, here we are.

We find ourselves left with nothing but choice.

Pulled between the comfort of the old world.

And the uncertainty of the new.

What will we decide?

The anguished cries of the dying world

can no longer be ignored.

The pervasive thoughts of fear and greed and power

can no longer be allowed to consume us.

The time is now.

The time of action is upon us.

Be not sorrowful for the injustices of the past –

Let the tears and blood shed serve as a reminder to the importance of our cause.

Be not overcome by the coldness of the hearts of people –

Let the heat of love pulse through our veins, warm our spirits, and melt the ice in the human heart.

Be not saddened by the overwhelming darkness of desolation –

Be the light, the spark, be the source of happiness and grace.

Let not our differences taint our thoughts, or be the source of contention and strife –

Let the colours of our diversity radiate,

Let the threads of humanity bind us,

Let the woven cloak of humanity envelop us.

“When the swords flash, go forward!

When the shafts fly, press onwards!”

Let the music play, let the words flow,

Let the light shine, and let the roses bloom.

Be invigorated.

Be inspired.

Be filled with passion.

Let belief and trust guide our steps.

And kindle in our veins

a fire that will set ablaze the hearts of mankind.


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