Day 11 at CSD-18

Apologies for the lateness of this entry – I got busy with wedding preps once I got back to the UK.

Last day of CSD is always a bit of a strange day, still work to do but also mixed with people leaving during the day. The first thing I did when I got to the UN was talk to Lucy from the Indigenous People MG to see if they were interested in joining our ‘Way forward’ statement. They were happy to join us, so it then became a statement of 3 MGs. And I was going to read it! Now, talk about scary…. my first speech at the UN. It did mean I was going to miss the last morning briefing of the Women MG in which they talked about preparation for CSD-19 and Rio+20.

And so I sat in the main session, waiting for my turn, not knowing if I would even get the chance and if so, when exactly.  But my turn came and, according to others, I read well. So, below is the text of the statement. For me, a good summing up of what we’ve been trying to achieve and remind governments of.

“The Major Groups for Indigenous People, NGOs, and Women call for integrative solutions at all levels: local, national and global on all the themes of CSD-18 to ensure that all life and human rights, and especially the rights of women, children & youth, and indigenous people, are protected.

We call for actions that would ensure that best practices and lessons learned are shared and used worldwide. These would cover the following 3 challenges to be implemented by 2020:

  1. Ways of restoring the earth to its natural health by stopping environmental degradation and contamination of natural resources.
  2. Freeing the environment of toxic chemicals and waste.
  3. Moving to a values-based economy that promotes zero-waste and is tied to sustainability indicators.

A discussion is needed before the next IPM on the 10-year Framework of Programmes that is open, all-inclusive, structured and formalized.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be implemented and include education on sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Producers must be held accountable for the life cycle of their products and the degradation of natural resources.

We call for a legal and financing mechanism, such as an International Court for the Environment, that would use these funds for environmental restoration and a basic livelihood for all.

In this way, each person can develop their unique potential and contribute to the wellbeing of all.

We ask governments to be inspired by visionary proposals from all sources, including civil society, to bring  new thinking to CSD-19.

Thank you.”

Participating at CSD is a combination of hard work, long hours, frustrations about procedures and communication issues, but also laughter, a sense of achievement, lots of cooperation, and the feeling that you’re contributing to improve the wellbeing of every world citizen. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the process of developing a more sustainable world society.


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