Day 3 at CSD-19

It was pouring down with rain, so I ended up at the UN with wet shoes and feet for the day. Not pleasant, but it was the first rain I saw in nearly 6 weeks (England has been very dry).

The NGO information meeting was followed by a meeting of the Women’s Major Group which was also attended by Chantal Line (the UN liaison for Major Groups). I then headed out to the BIC office for a meeting on RIO+20 – what does the BIC want to focus on contents-wise and what process we need for effective participation of the Baha’i community. All very exciting and it’s very nice to be involved intthese kind of brainstorming/consultation sessions. Slowly ideas and focus points (such as ‘participation’, ‘elimination of the extremes of wealth & poverty’, and spiritual qualities needed for good governance) are becoming clearer.

The afternoon was spent in sessions on Sustainable Consumption & Production. It’s hard not to get frustrated when you hear countries say: “We’ve been thinking about this and would like to revert back to the original language and keep that.” So, what was the point about adding all those amendements (remember the 7 types of brackets?) and then go back to the original? Guess, I better practice a bit more detachment and patience!

I only realised today that the building works that were opposite the UN for the past 2 years have finished. That is where the new building of the US embassy to the UN is! I’ve walked past it without realising until today when I started to wonder why there were so many metal fences put out along 1st Avenue. Well, Obama is in town today and I guess he’ll visit the embassy. So, I bet security will be very tight today, although I don’t think he’s coming to the UN.


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