Day 4 at CSD-19

Brackets are UN currency during CSD. They are everything. Never mind the different types: alternative, contentious, suspicious, tactical/trading, uncertain, waiting, and weary. They have their own importance and without them, these negotiations wouldn’t work.

Alternative brackets are the easy ones – they just give some alternatives for certain words.

Contentious brackets are the hard ones during negotiations – they deal with contentious issues, often related to trade.

Suspicious brackets are those that make you wonder what else is going on, what hidden agendas exist.

Tactical/trading barckets are used for trading (country A will support issue X as long as country B agrees to issue Y).

Uncertain brackets are those where the issue remains unclear (uncertain) and often makes you wonder if the negotiators know what they are doing.

Waiting brackets are used when countries have to wait for further instructions from their government.

And weary brackets are those normally inserted when everybody is really tired (say at 3AM after a hard night of negotiations) and these normally cover the sentiment “I don’t know anymore what we meant or wanted to disagree with; I’m too tired”.

Lesson over! Next week will see the full use of all of these types as we’ll be having evening sessions as well as morning and afternoon sessions. Sleep will become a precious item.


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