Day 5 at CSD-19

Slowly the number of women attending the morning briefings of the Women Major Group is increasing. This is good, although the number hasn’t been anywhere near the number attending last year. Last year we ended up with close to 70 women on our emailing list. This time we might just manage 20!

I’m not sure about the reason for this. I’ve the feeling that there are a lot fewer people representing civil society this CSD. And I’m sure we aren’t as visible as a Women Major Group to make everybody aware of our existence. But we still work together as best as we can.

I’m sorry I missed the training workshop by the Children & Youth Major Group on the use of technology, such as  Googledocs and Piratepad. They are experts in using these software tools to work together as a group. I wished our group was up for that level!

I’m disappearing to Washington DC for the weekend – go cycling with my brother to the Great Falls (50 km round trip). Very much looking forward to being in a greener city!


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