Day 8 at CSD-19

The day of the official opening in the General Assembly Hall. Always impressive.

Some good speakers, including Dr. Jeffrey Sachs who highlighted the global ethics crisis. His speech was very strong, focusing on the influence of the strong oil lobby (especially in the US). Unfortunately he didn’t really explore the concept of this ethics crisis further. But he mentioned that what the world needs is a technological road map, global carbon taxation, strong regional cooperation (he praised the EU), and a global knowledge network. It’ll be worthwhile to see the webcast again of his speech.

The Baha’i International Community had organized a side event on Making the invisible visible: Values and the transition to SCP in collaboration with Consumers International, The One Earth Initiative, and the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL). Its speakers focused on the values hidden behind our consumption and production behaviour. It was pretty amazing how each presentation linked very neatly into the next.

We then had our BIC briefing and in the evening I attended an event organized by the Major Group for Children & Youth on ‘Youth, Social Media, the Arts, and Rio+20’. Some very inspiring ideas out there. Definitely worthwhile checking out these initiatives: WE CAN, Rio+Twenties, Road to Rio and Greenbiz, Inspire Change (a performing arts initiatve from all UN regions, directed by Kiara Worth), Alas de Rio, Feather Project and the Human Impacts Institute.


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